Speaking of French Fries…

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Media Gleanings, Personal Whining

I got an answer to a question that’s bothered me for years.  Why is it that the foods that I (and I’m sure others) am attracted to and find the most pleasure in are also the ones that are the most unhealthy?  Bacon, chicken wings, chocolate …  You don’t usually find people with a passion for broccoli or oatmeal. At least not me.

Well, the answer is in this week’s MacLean’s magazine.  Recent research shows that high fat and high calorie foods effect the same parts of the brain as does cocaine and heroine.  Prolonged overeating actually rewires the brain to cause impulsive behavior that is identical to addiction.  Not only that, but other research shows that a mother’s prenatal overeating can have the same effect on the baby’s brain, causing a predisposition to obesity later in life.

I don’t believe it for a moment.  Now, where did I put those cheezies?


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