Christains vs Atheists Discussion Board on Facebook

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Integral Studies, Philosophical Debris

OK, so let’s be clear from the beginning:  I don’t like this Board and my criticism falls primarily to the Atheists.

When I first came across this Board, I thought it was a good idea.  When examining the threads, a disturbing pattern emerges.  While the “Atheists” in the group claim that their purpose in starting the discussion board is to educate the Fundamentalist Christians, it doesn’t look that way to me.  Rather it looks like more like a bunch of superior feeling, supposed Rationalist taking turns to tease the puppy and rile it up as much as possible.

Here are a few outtakes from the discussion thread:

Ok, so you’re female and Christian. Why? What could possibly be so appealing about a work of fiction that labels you unclean and treats you like dirt?

Got into with a Christian who kept making straw man arguments and then getting angry when I refused to respond to them other than noting they were straw man arguments. He said, “you can’t just say ‘straw man straw man straw man’ as your defense.” Uh, if you keep making straw man arguments I can.

Isn’t it amusing that there isn’t a single verse in the Bible praising intelligence and self determination, its all about blind obedience and blind faith.

Sorry, I can’t find the ones about Satan now.  Anyway, while there is some interesting discussion going on here, the majority can be seen as statements coming from two sides that are equally dogmatic.  Note the following exchange that I had with one of the Board moderators:

Me: Doesn’t seem really fair. Come on guys. Picking on the fundamentalist Christians is easy. How about tackling Krishnamurti, or Einstein’s spiritual beliefs, or Ken Wilber. All this this squabbling about backwoods Christianity is just demonstrating that there’s such a thing as backwoods Atheists.

Her: We are trying to wake them up. Everyones got different approaches. Every religion is the same, they can’t prove anything and they need to educate themselves on evolution.

Me: Just by saying “every religion is the same” you’ve shown yourself as a fundamentalist atheist. That’s a logical fallacy, aside from being just plain inaccurate. Lots of religions and spiritual people have no difficulty with evolution. And there is a huge spectrum of differences when it comes to religions. You are exhibiting the exact same characteristics as those you are trying to “educate”. Do you actually have the openness to have something “proven” to you, or are you just very comfortable with your sense of superiority. I agree with you, there are many religious people with closed minds and who believe nonsense. But I’ve found that there are many others who like to look down on them from a supposedly “rational” standpoint, but who are just worshiping at an alter of limited ability to reason and eighteenth century scientific method.

AND THEN SILENCE FOR SEVERAL DAYS.  Hey, faced with an argument that went beyond her understanding or made a logical criticism, she sucked out.  No, “I don’t understand.”  No, “That sounds like an argument you should add to the conversations.”  No defense of her statement (-unusual for somebody who created a discussion board).  Just silence.  So you have these two camps sparring with each other, Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Atheist/Rationalists.  I wasn’t going to join the discussion, ’cause then I’d have to click “like”, and I don’t.  But the entertainment value may be worth it.

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