Nutrition & Exercise #11

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Nutrition & Exercise

Well, I’ve broken through a weight barrier that I haven’t seen in over six years, so the inclination is to praise this new diet.  I’m not sure, however, that the diet can take full credit.

Last weekend I took my mother to the Vaughn Mills mall and spent a good part of the day there.  As I was walking around, surrounded by the Food Court and other eating establishments, I noticed that there was almost nothing that I could snack on available to me.  Cookies, muffins, pastries, fries, -anything that might have made an easy snack was off limits.  I suppose I could have gotten a hamburger and discarded the bun, but that would have required sitting down and using a knife and fork.  Even the booth selling orange juice was off limits.

This led me to realize that the same has been true at home.  Most of the things that we normally think of as snacks are off limits according to Taubes.  When craving a snack, one is less likely to whip up a chicken salad or grill some bacon.  Nuts may be the only real snack that is good finger food.

As a result, there is no doubt that my snacking behavior at home has been seriously scaled back, and I do have to admit that there have been some cravings.  Often I’ll go and take a hunk of cheese or something similar.  Even cut up fruit and some kind of dipping sauce would likely be on the outskirts of this diet.

So, I have to admit that a lot of the credit to 6 lbs of weight loss over the past two weeks may very well be due to drastically reduced snacks, -kind of a by-product of the diet itself.  The real accomplished, in my mind, will be to break the 10 lb. barrier, which, if the present trend continues, should be doable in another one to two weeks.

So, where do we go now?  Those of you who are following this are likely getting a little tired of long, technical entries.  So I promise only two more entries on this strand.  One will examine any other criticisms that I find, and the second will sum it all up, looking pointedly at the whole idea of how it is possible for someone to validate and trust information of this sort.  After that I will restrict entries to weekly updates or any earthshaking information that I come across.


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