On The Road

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Personal Whining

So I hit the road tomorrow for some traveling.  As a result, I’m not sure what may be posted here for the next while.  At best, I may have some travel-inspired thoughts about life in Costa Rica along with some cool pictures.  It will be a photo-oriented trip.  At worst, I’ll find myself in a techno-slum without access to the Internet. Either way, it will likely be a few days before I can post anything.

Suspense is good.

I love the idea of battling a mini-storm at the airport tomorrow.  If there’s free wi-fi and a delay, I might just squeeze in an update.  Otherwise there’s always Facebook until I leave the country.  (I don’t use my data plan when roaming.)

BTW, lurkers, the house is not empty.  Wouldn’t be posting this if it was…


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