The Decline of Religion

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Religion

While we may have 70% of Americans believing in Heaven, and religion playing such a prominent role in the American cultural and political landscape, the opposite seems to be true in many other places in the Western World.  According to new polls and statistical analysis, religion may eventually become extinct in up to 9 prominent countries, Canada being one of them.

In Britain, for example, more clear wording on the census indicated that while 60% responded that they were Christian, at the same time more than 60% indicated that they were “not religious”.  This suggests an identification with a religion being more of a cultural convenience than a spiritual belief.  I would expect the same to be true in Canada, and this is supported by the poll that I quoted in a recent post about Heaven.

I guess we should not be overly concerned about all of the fundamentalist and religious hoopla that hits the media on a regular basis, …unless, perhaps, you live in America, which seems to be heading in a different direction than many other civilized countries.


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