New Car

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Personal Whining

Sorry, posts today and tomorrow might be a little thin.  I’m hunting for a new car.  The lease on mine is up in a few months and my dealership offered to absorb the last payments if I would consider flipping now.  Or at least I thought he was offering to absorb the payments.  When I look at the paper work on the offer he gave me, I’m not sure if he really is, or whether he’s hiding the cost elsewhere or whether he really thinks he is and actually isn’t.  If you’re confused, imagine how I feel.

It’s a shame that whenever you go out to make a big purchase, you have to be paranoid in order to be sure that you’re not taken advantage of.  It took an hour and help from my bank financial advisor to spot the uncertainty.  I’m sure the average person who isn’t retired and so hasn’t anything better to do with their time, wouldn’t likely see it.  And, of course, he’s telling me that the current deal expires at the end of the month, so I’ve only got a few days to make up my mind.  (I seem to recall hearing that one before…)  So tomorrow I have to go to several other dealers and compare the offers to see whether the principal one is kosher.  I would probably do that anyway, but it just is annoying that you have to be constantly on the lookout for the false deal.

I also went to get new glasses today, and the same thing happened.  I guess you really do have to go around to half a dozen different locations in order to get the best price.  The place I was at was really slick.  You walk in and get an eye exam right away.  Then they practically take you by the hand next door to where they are selling the glasses.  The first frames they show and the lenses they push obviously are the most expensive.  I was tired of dealing with the care dealer, so I let myself be maneuvered into a rather expensive, quality pair along with sunglasses.  I won’t tell you the final cost!!  I knew what was happening, but I’ve had so much hassle with glasses in the past, I decided that I didn’t want to compromise.  In spite of that I was still surprised by the bottom line.

It’s ridiculous that insurance only covers $200 every two years.  You sure don’t get much for $200.  In contrast I’ve got thousands of dollars worth of dental benefits that I can draw on each year.  You can go out and buy cheap glasses for $200 that will break in a few years, or spend more on glasses that last five or six years.  Too bad you can’t bank the benefit.

  1. Austin says:

    So have you gave any thought to what you might want to get ?

  2. pwiinholt says:

    I’m looking at a Ram Truck right now. Don’t worry. I made sure there was lots of room in the back seat.

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