Integrity in Politics 2

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Current Events, Election

I’m normally not a very political person.  I understand that there are pros and cons to the Left and Right.  I know that all parties contain a spectrum of people when it comes to integrity.  I realize that many politicians, by the very nature of their office, have to compromise their views.

My biggest concern for Canadian politics is that we do not slip into the grey water which American politics has become, with its mindless bipartisanship and knee jerk policies.  I don’t want right wing conservatives to be blinded by tactics designed to encourage a feeling of entitlement and moral superiority, any more than I would want that to happen on the left.

Several days ago I posted an entry about a book that showed that people with conservative, religious values often did not even know the name of the first book of the Bible.  Their faith and belief are not based on any substance, but rather by the momentum of their beliefs and those around them in their church.  I feel that many people, both left and right, vote the same way and affiliate themselves with a particular political party, more as a matter of personal identity than one of rational thought.

In my district, a Conservative Cabinet Minister is running for re-election.  She was one of the main figures who was responsible for the “contempt” motion brought against the government.  She is ignoring the issue, as is Harper, and running a campaign as if that problem never happened.  She has never acknowledged responsibility for her actions nor apologized.  She knows that knee jerk political loyalty will blind people to her disdain for the democratic responsibility she had.  Whether I was politically on the left or right, I would feel it my responsibility to defeat that candidate.  For her to win this election would be a serious blow to the integrity of the political process in Canada.  For her to win would be a statement that the voters either prized their knee jerk political affiliations more than the truth, or that they just don’t care.

I will get involved in this election, to make sure that a corrupt individual, -no matter how small that overt corruption may have been, has her actions duly challenged and accepts responsibility for them.


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