Minority Governments

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Election, politics

Part 2 of the Harper series is taking a little time to write as I want the research to be accurate and thorough.  I will try to post it tomorrow.

In the meantime, a brief thought on minority governments.  It is very revealing about Canadian politics that a Conservative minority and a Liberal minority would have two entirely different implications.

A Conservative minority would place the government in the exact same insecure position that it currently finds itself.  Unless you advocate the kind of extreme right wing politics that I’m going to argue would be the result of a Conservative majority, I feel that this minority government, along with it’s instability, would be a good thing.

A Liberal minority would be a whole different ball game.  I don’t for a moment believe that the NDP, or even the PQ would threaten any kind of a confidence vote to overthrow a Liberal minority government and risk the Conservatives being re-elected.  A Liberal minority government would be secure and stable, governing effectively as a majority government, because, in reality, a Liberal minority government would be a liberal majority government. (i.e. Capital “L” vs. small “l”)

The Conservatives are whining a lot about the need for stability in government at this crucial time.  The undeniable reality of the situation is that even a Liberal minority government would be more stable than a Conservative one.  For that to be the case, it would be necessary to understand that liberal ideology still represents the views of a majority of Canadians.


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