My Thoughts on the NDP, With Regrets

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Election, politics

As I’ve said before on this Blog, the political landscape of Canada is a little mixed up.  While the Conservative Party has absorbed and embraced their extremists (i.e. the merger with Reform Party), the moderate and more extreme liberal end of the spectrum is still segmented between the Liberal and the NDP party (-not to mention the Green Party).  The result is that, even though the combined forces of those with liberal political views in Canada outnumbers the conservative element, they still can not beat the conservative wing because their cause is fractured by their own factions.

Given that situation, whatever support which people might feel for NDP policies and leadership needs to be shelved for the greater good.  The election of a government which represents the liberal nature of the majority of Canadians requires that some NDP supporters realize that their vote may be playing to the Conservatives, -especially in those districts where the NDP placed third in the last election.

If the NDP has a fighting chance in a district, then supporters know that their vote may result in a real impact in blocking the election of a Conservative government.  (In those cases, one might even argue that the Liberal voters should consider supporting the NDP, but I think that it is easier for NDP supporters to shift to Liberal than the other way around.  Interesting.)

Presently, the Conservative Party represents a united right, where (as I’ve demonstrated) the actual ideology is somewhere between Sarah Palin and Attila the Hun.  The left is fractured into at least two and potentially three fragments.  This calls for some strategic voting unless the Canadian liberal thinking majority wants to always be at a disadvantage.


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