Should we judge politicians by how well they lie?

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Election, politics

There are two kinds of right wing misdirection.

One is genuine confusion resulting from a true lack of understanding or sincerely misplaced emotionalism.

The other is deliberate misinformation, where lies are seen as an OK tactic to present a conservative agenda.
Take, as an example of this, a recent photo released by Jack Cashill, well know author who has been trying to “deconstruct Obama”.  He claims that Obama was Photoshopped into a picture of his grandparents in New York.  A simple minded viewing of the two pictures quickly reveals which is the forgery.

More often than not, the driving force behind conservative ethics is “the end justifies the means”.  Their fanatical self-righteousness not only causes them to assert their own superiority, but encourages them to dismiss the rights of others.  (This is not nearly as much the case in the middle and the left of the spectrum.  In fact, the left, by its nature, tends to have more respect for the entire spectrum.)  One can see this pop up constantly in our election rhetoric.

What?  You say that all political ideologies lie.  I agree.  This may be true.  But putting all politicians in the same barrel doesn’t mean that some haven’t fallen farther to the bottom of it.


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