Who Benefits From Low Voter Turnout?

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Election, politics

This article on the CCPA election blog, “Making it Count”, analyzes the impact of low voter strategy.  The Conservative campaign trying desperately to convince people that this election is a waste of time.  The result, they hope, will be more people withholding their votes.  This is shown by research to play directly into the hands of the Conservatives since their voters are more passionate about their ideals (…it seems!?…)  It is simply a strategic move, -trash the election so left wing voters are less likely to turn out.

Don’t be manipulated!

From the TYEE Blog:

The army of God is winning the culture war and is likely to continue winning, especially given that, as Marci McDonald points out, the secular left refuses to acknowledge there is a war. The churches of the Christian right — in particular the Christian and Missionary Alliance where Preston Manning, Harper and Day all attend — have huge churches across the country, many of them holding thousands. And they fill them. Members, if they are truly committed, give 10 per cent of the pre-tax income to their cause which is one of the reasons the Conservatives, in the last quarter, raised more money than all the other political parties combined.”


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