Dawkins Leaves Door Open For Deism

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Integral Studies, Religion

I was really pleasantly surprised when viewing the following video clip including an interview with Richard Dawkins.  The important part is the last 15 seconds, where Dawkins actually says:

The kind of God that I would respect people for believing in would be the kind of God of the Deists, who set the universe up in the first place and set up the laws of physics perhaps in such a way that it would be able to bring the conditions for evolution into existence.”

I totally understand that Dawkins is not claiming to be a Deist, and that he would probably have much more to say on the subject.  However, the mere fact that he is willing to leave the door open on that possibility clearly shows that Dawkins’ problem is mostly with traditional, paternalistic religions that envision a “big daddy” up in the sky listening to and answering prayers.

The fact that he is willing to leave some room for more open forms of spiritual belief is something that raised his esteem in my eyes considerably, lifting him from the ranks of a fundamentalist atheist.


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