Lowest support for a majority government in Canadian history!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Current Events, Election, politics

Here are some popular vote stats courtesy of some friends on Facebook:

“61.4% of eligible voting Canadians voted and 39% of those voted for the Conservatives, which is about 23% of eligible voters and less than 17% of Canadians. The lowest level of support for a majority in our history.”
“For all of you debating about our voting system. Proportional Representation seat distribution would have been: Conservatives 122, NDP 95, Lib 58, Bloc 19, Green 14”

There are a lot of people saying that we should just suck it up and this is the way it is.  But there is a bottom line, which is that we have a majority far right wing government that represents only 36% of the voting public, while the remaining 60+% who are left of centre are told that they have to be satisfied with our electoral system.

I guess it is somewhat gratifying to know that it’s not so much the people of Canada that are broken as it is our electoral system.


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