Posted: May 8, 2011 in Philosophical Debris

A friend of mine sent me this video recently, with the comment that “It says it all”.  I would agree with about 70% of what is in the video but have some reservations.

From an Integral point of view, this is clearly someone who is pushing their way up from a Green, multicultural, world-centric world view to higher levels.  The problem is that in making statements like “The Wayseers just know!” and including all forms of dissent under the same umbrella, it is also clear that we’re looking at a serious case of pre/post rational confusion.  This is the trap that Green can fall into.  Looking at the world in a world-centric, accepting way is good.  But using relativism to make everything equal, to deny that there are good and bad forms of dissent and rebellion, is a typical Green misconception and trap.

Also, I’m suspicious of any organization which charges you $9 per month to access their website.  They say it is to offset web site costs.  I operate a web site and $9 a year would give me many times the amount of money that I would require to cover the costs, even with the modest number of people who use it.  Thevrationale for the monthly “contribution” is a blatant lie.

And yet, there are things that seem very appealing here.  The video is inspirational and has some excellent parts, even if others are misguided.  The idea of Wayseers is similar to Colin Wilson’s idea of “The Outsider”, which has always been a dominant structural support in my personal philosophy.

What I’ve written here are first impressions.  For good or bad, further investigation is probably warranted.  As usual your comments are encouraged (although for some reason, even with decent hits, I never get any comments…)


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