A Good Reason For A Party

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Religion

Gee, the weather’s just getting to be nice, but it seems that it will be short lived.  These billboards are popping up all over Canada, placed by an independent Christian organization whose interpretation of the Bible claims to have set May 21, 2011 as the day of Armageddon and rapture.  Some guy named Harold Camping seems to be the primary source.  What makes him special?  Absolutely nothing, it seems, other that a knack of attracting fringe Christians to web sites and blogs.

Well, I’ll be at Arts Camp for a week.  Maybe we’ll miss it.

For the rest of you, …what better reason for a great party?!  And, how convenient, it’s even on a Saturday night.

  1. pwiinholt says:

    Somebody needs to go around and add ski poles to the back of the person kneeling so it looks like he’s finishing a down hill tuck.

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