Birth Certificate Layers Explained

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Current Events, Statistics and Lies

My straight shooting, skeptic buddy, Rod, posted a comment to the previous post that questioned the layers present in Obama’s birth certificate.  In case you don’t normally read comments, this one links to another video that adequately explains the whole mess.  (And I would understand why you wouldn’t normally look at comments here, since I normally don’t get many!!)  I figured there had to be a legit reason behind it if for no other reason that it would be a case of staggering stupidity otherwise.  I just wanted to see what that reason was, since, on the surface, the information in the original video really did bring up questions that demanded answers.

Now we’ve got them.  …Except for the fourth video (that I didn’t post), where he did the same thing and came up with different results…  I’d like to go back and review that, but don’t really have the time right now as I’m heading off into the real world again.  Maybe someone else can look at it and post their opinion.

  1. pwiinholt says:

    I did have time to look at the fourth video, and i have to say that he’s hit the ball back into his opponent’s court. There might be logical explanation, but Rod’s video does not address all of the questions at all.

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