“In A Better World” movie review

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Entertainment, Reviews

It seems that a lot of the TIFF films take about a year to come around.  I saw two today that I missed at the Festival last September.

The notable one was called “In A Better World” which is a film predominantly in Danish, currently playing at the Carlton.  It revolves around two families, each with an adolescent son, who have to make some difficult moral decisions about how to react to violence.  (This seems to be a matter of concern in Denmark as it is the same theme used in the last Danish film I saw.)  it reminded me a lot of the movie, 12 And Holding.

All aspects of the film are excellent, especially the story and the acting.  The ideas of meeting violence with violence and with revenge are explored in the school yard and in the life of the adults.  Part of the film is shot in Kenya, where the father of one of the boys has to decide whether to give medical treatment to a local terrorist.  There are many inner battles going on throughout the film and they are well depicted in the context of an interesting and engaging story line.  It doesn’t really leave you with many answers, but raises lots of questions.

I believe that this film won the Academy Award for best Foreign Film, 2011.

I would rate this movie as an A.


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