X-Men, First Class

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Entertainment, Reviews

There are at least two kinds of movies out there that appeal to me.  One is the artistic movie that has a strong theme or moral.  This is the movie that uses its art to engage new ideas or questions.  The second is the entertaining movie, using action or humor to engage.  It’s nice when there is a mixture of the two.  The purely action flic always seems a little hollow to me (i.e. G.I. Joe or Transformers) and the art flic that is thin on plot often loses itself in its own self patronization (Uncle Boonme…).

X-Men, First Class starts off a bit slow because it wants to build some solid characters.  This pays off in the second half of the movie, where most of the action is and we’re also presented with the moral delema which ends in two opposing factions of mutants.

The great thing that I remember about reading Marvel comics 25 years ago, especially X-Men, was the profound underlying theme of prejudice and fear against the unknown.  I learned to read with comics and it served me well to look for deeper themes and messages in the other fiction that I came to read.  It developed realistic and consistent characters, motivated by real ideals.  X-Men, First Class has remained true to that tradition.

I give this movie an A-.


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