Postal Workers Should Ask For a Union Dues Refund

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Current Events

If the National Union of Video Tape Manufacturers were to threaten a strike, what would you tell them?  Perhaps you might draw to their attention that their product is somewhat anachronistic, and they should perhaps not rock the boat.  Perhaps you might point out that if there is a shortage of video tape, it just might prompt the few people still using it to contemplate an upgrade to more modern equipment, thereby putting them out of a job.  Perhaps a strike is not the best strategy for job security.

I think this just about sums up the Postal Union’s position.  There is precious little that still moves by snail-mail.  Bills are becoming increasingly easy to pay on line.  Parcels (one area that could see a modern revitalization) is often delivered by independent companies such as UPS or FedEx, and those charities who are complaining about decreased contributions will quickly be ushered into the modern world.  As the population gets more hip, things like Christmas Cards will be seen for the waste of paper that they are.  Magazine subscriptions will appear on your i-Pad or Kindle (along with, I really hope, newspapers).

The last bastion of Postal Service will be junk mail, which I’m sure generates a very significant portion of their revenue right now.  Does the government really want to manage (and subsidize) a Postal Service whose main function is to distribute junk mail?

No, if I were the Postal Union, I would have tried to keep very, very quiet.  If some kind of job action were absolutely necessary, a very low key strategy should have been followed.  Interruption of postal delivery will only result in even more people and organizations moving on to more modern resources.


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