Super 8

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Reviews

This movie struck me as a cross between Cloverfield and The Goonies.  It had that Goonies, E.T., Stand By Me feel of a group of adolescent boys out for an adventure, but was far more hard edged than a typical kid’s movie.  It kind of has an identity crisis.

Now, I’m not saying that as a bad thing.  The story, acting and special effects were all pretty good.  Action scenes are spectacular and you really do care about the characters.  No deep ideas or morals, but there was a sophistication to the plot, the idea of a film within a film, which was interesting, -and could have actually been played up more. The monster was decent, although I don’t think that advanced, space faring species would be dripping slime.

It’s not E.T., and it has been done before, but this movie still gets a B+.


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