Senate Elections

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Current Events, politics

The idea of a Senate in Canada that provides a second elected house for legislation has many benefits.  In the States, the Senate is designed to provide a form of representation in government that is not overwhelmed by population.  Each state get an equal share so that districts and local differences in parts of the country are represented in the government.

Such a system would be a good idea for Canada.  Not only to we have the problem of properly representing French interests, but there are other sectors of Canada who are unique in many ways and would like to have better representation.  Eastern Canada must feel underrepresented in parliament, especially P.E.I.  Western Canada, too, has long complained that Ontario dominates the governing of the country, -although I don’t think they can really claim that this time around.

The new Senate Reform Bill may be a good idea, but it is important that such a drastic change to our way of government be done without partisan interference.  In order to do that it needs to have the same kind of constitutional examination as the establishment of the constitution itself.  It can’t be rammed through parliament and then a newly stacked Conservative Senate.  It requires provincial input.

It seems to me that the first step in this process, or the initiation of any legislation has to be approval by the Supreme Court.  What’s the point of all the fuss around a piece of legislation if it will eventually be deemed as unconstitutional.  To proceed in the face of possible constitutional problems is not only arrogant, it’s just plain stupid.


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