Parking Ticket Surcharge

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Current Events

The City of Toronto is planning to add a $14.50 penalty onto your parking ticket if you challenge it and lose.  I understand the need to stop people who are challenging the tickets without good reason and gumming up the judicial system, hoping that the ticketer will not show up.  At the same time, any action that tries to prevent people from challenging the law really rubs me the wrong way.  When neither option seems correct, it`s wise to look at the whole thing to see what needs to be overhauled.

Bureaucracy often is too expensive because it ties itself up an knots of red tape.  Here is a good example.  I understand why a police officer should show up to testify at a a criminal trial or even for a traffic accident.  But a parking ticket!!  Come on!  The paperwork should be cut and dry.  You were parked at such and such an address at such and such a time, and that should be it.  Extenuating circumstances my apply, but since when is that a defense against breaking the law.  Changing the law so that the officer issuing the ticket is not required to be at the trial would illuminate more than half of the pointless challenges.  Then it is just a matter of figuring out how to discourage stupid excuses.


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