“The Tree Of Life”

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Entertainment, Reviews

This is the movie that won the Cannes Film Festival Palm D’Ore this year.  It is a 130 minute film, starring Brad Pit, Jessica Chastain and Sean Penn, although the roles are minor.

This film is definitely not for everyone.  The thing to remember is that it is not so much a movie as it is a meditation. …a very long meditation.  Interspersed with scenes of cosmic creation, the evolution of life and chaotic scenery, it is clear that this movie is intended to be about life, the universe and everything.  The story of the death of a son is secondary, or at least is not meant to be a dramatic story that you engage, but rather a vehicle for the deeper message.  Religion plays a part in the message, but is presented in a way that you can either take it or leave it, -except perhaps for the last ten minutes, which I felt really presented an unnecessary religious bias. As befitting a movie of this magnitude and depth, both the photography and soundtrack are magnificent.

If you see this film, go into the theatre, sit back, clear you mind and be prepared to be taken on a “trip”.  Allow your mind to free associate.  Don’t expect too much plot, although character development is important to the overall message and is present.  The CinemaClock reviews either loved it or hated it.  Those who described it as “pretentious” perhaps missed the point, although, typically, they would never admit it.  Perhaps it even depends on what kind of mood you’re in when you enter the theatre.  It depends on what you want out of a film.  If you want X-Men or Transformers, go see that.  If you want a chance to be transported to alternate perspectives and interpretations of life and do a little digging in your own psyche, then The Tree Of Life is a superb movie and a masterpiece, though perhaps a bit too long.

I would give this movie an A.


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