Larkwhistle Garden

Posted: July 11, 2011 in My Photos, Travel

About 25 years ago, on one of my major hikes on the Bruce Trail, I hiked past Larkwhistle Garden.  At the time, m;y major concern was water as it was blazing hot and I’d run out of water.  This part of the trail runs inland from the coast, so there is no natural water source.  We were forced to go to private homes and beg for water, usually choosing the youngest and most innocent looking member of the group to accomplish this.  That summer was particularly brutal and there had been a drought, so we actually found many homes where the well had run dry.

Larkwhistle Garden was our salvation.  Requiring a healthy supply of water to maintain the garden, they had a deep well and were able to fill our canteens.  We didn’t really have a good look at the garden itself, but I always remembered it and returned there on my recent visit to the Bruce.

Located on a back road that few must drive on, the only notable traffic would likely be the Bruce Trail hikers.  And even that might be sparse, as I doubt that this is a stretch of the trail which is well traveled.  And yet, this seems to be a famous garden with many references in guide books and on the Internet.  There is even a YouTube slide show.  The garden is a masterpiece of variety and colour.  My main goal there, not being much of a gardener, was to use my macro lens.  Here are some of the results:


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