Posted: August 1, 2011 in Books, Reviews

Yesterday was the voting deadline for the Hugo Awards.  I did a poor job in my goal to get the nominated novels read before August, having not read a page during my recent traveling.  As a result, I’ve only managed to read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, the first of the Connie Willis books, Blackout (although not the second part of it, All Clear), and have gotten about half way through Feed.  The books that I’ve yet to get to is The Dervish House and Cryoburn.

Feed, by Mira Grant, is an example of this new fad in books and movies to mix genres.  I was surprised to see a Zombie Apocalypse novel on the Hugo list, but it is a terrific book (so far).  Yes, there is the requisite zombie scenes of blood and mayhem, but the bulk of the book is a story of futuristic reporters following a presidential campaign.  It is a sly mixture of political thriller, social commentary and zombies.

What would really happen if a rogue virus started reanimating the dead into zombies?  How would effect the death penalty?  Sports?  Animal rights?  By treating each of these issues, Grant succeeds in looking at our own social issues through a unique lens.  That’s the power of Science Fiction.

I’m really enjoying this book and would give it an A-.


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