From “Feed”

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Books, Philosophical Debris, Reviews

I’m really hoping that Feed by Mira Grant wins the Hugo.  This book is only a zombie apocalypse book on the surface.  Underneath it’s part West Wing, part 24 (and part Rise of the Dead).  I’m getting to the end, and I’m grateful that there is a sequel.  Here’s an excerpt:

This is the truth: We are a nation accustomed to being afraid.  If I’m being honest, not just with you but with myself, it’s not just the nation, and it’s not just something we’ve grown used to.  it’s the world and it’s an addiction.  People crave fear.  Fear justifies everything.  Fear makes it okay to have surrendered freedom after freedom, until our every move is tracked and recorded in a dozen databases the average man will never have access to.  Fear creates, defines and shapes our world and without it, most of us would nave no idea what to do with ourselves.
Our ancestors dreamed of a world without boundaries while we dream new boundaries to put around our homes, our children and ourselves.  We limit our potential day after day in the name of safety that we refuse to ever achieve.  We took a world that was huge with possibility and we made it as small as we could.”


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