The Enormous Neanderthal Mayor

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Current Events, politics

Once upon a time Toronto had mayors who encouraged the arts and worked to make Toronto a respected cultural centre.  Diversity and artistic expression were celebrated.  Toronto felt like an intelligent city.  One of the most revered of these mayors, David Crombie, was dubbed the “Tiny Perfect Mayor”.

Now the Tiny Perfect Mayor has been eclipsed by the Enormous Neanderthal Mayor.  (I had other ideas rather than Neanderthal, but decided to keep it clean.)  Once again Ford has demonstrated his disdain for all things cultural and refined.  He is ignoring the pleas of Margret Atwell to refrain from cutting funding to libraries and art initiatives.  Who needs libraries!  If you want a book, go out and buy one.  Besides, who needs more than one book, anyways.

Cutting arts.  Eliminating libraries.  Snubbing the Pride parade for some cottage hamburgers and beer.

Yes, Toronto, I guess you got what you voted for.  Is it true that he’s planning to get City Counselors to pose for a cheesecake calendar in order to pay for office expenses?


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