Christians openly advocate killing atheists

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Current Events, Media Gleanings, politics, Religion

About a week ago I wrote a controversial entry where I asked if the Tea Party were America’s version of the Taliban.  The criticism I received never touched my comparison of the root policies, but focused on the fact that the Taliban are a violent, terrorist organization while the Tea Party are a political party.  Granted.  I understand that.  My point was meant to demonstrate the similarity in ideology, -a fact that surprised even me when I actually set it out in black and white.

However, right wing, Christian fundamentalists have risen to the occasion in their responses to a FOX News article about Atheists suing the city of New York for allowing a cross to be put up as part of the ground zero memorial.  Their point, -that people of many faiths were killed in that tragedy, and that other faiths have not been permitted to erect memorials-, is a valid one.  Anybody with an ounce of PR sense, though, would probably recognize that this is an emotionally laden fight which is probably not worth fighting.  It is an example of that element within supposedly rational Atheists who love to taunt and poke Fundamentalist Christians.  There are many battles around faith and politics that are worth fighting, but I’m not sure this is one of them.

However, that being said, it is the response from Christians on the FOX News website which is the most noteworthy part of the story.  The responses were so venomous that FOX ended up removing them from their site, but not before a screen capture was made.  These responses lay bare the soul of Fundamentalism, and could just as easily have been spoken by Islamic extremists.

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