“Ad Campaign or Slander?”

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Current Events, Election, politics, Religion

A short article in the new Macleans (not yet on news stands or available on line) spotlights a law suit being initiated by former U.S. congressman Steve Driehaus against a pro life group that placed ads in the last election.  In spite of the fact that the “Obama Care” legeslation states clearly that it was not to include additional funding for abortion clinics, this pro-life group launched ads criticizing Driehaus for supporting “taxpayer funded abortion”.  This just happens to be a blatant lie, and may have cost Driehaus the election.  So he’s suing.

Good for him.  The conservative, right wing politicians and interest groups in the U.S. must have a very poor opinion of their constituents’ ability to reason.  They constantly bombard them with lies (which, unfortunately, are often believed) such death councils for old people, Obama being a Muslim, socialist alien, and that there really were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Lying, especially when it can be fueled with religious fervor, seems to be a new favorite pastime of right wing supporters.

I hope that this law suit is successful, and that it receives a lot of publicity.  It may cause people to think twice before publishing deliberately false information to try to con the public.

Will the pro-life group recant if they are found guilty by the law?  Not likely.  They will claim that the judge is acting against the will of God, and will likely send him hate mail and death threats.


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