Cryoburn ; Hugo Awards, final answer

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Books, Reviews
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So I have completed reading Cryoburn  by Lois McMaster Bujold.  It’s an action packed mystery/detective type story set in a SciFi environment of cryogenic politics.  The story is very engaging, but has little depth.  The characters are witty, especially Miles, who is the star of a whole series of Bujold’s novels. I’ve read several of the other books, and this one is par for the course.  For some reason Bujould gets frequent award nominations, and I’ve never really understood why. I can point to many other equally good, action oriented SciFi novels put out this year.  I enjoyed reading it, actually putting in a good block of time this afternoon and evening to finish it. I would give the book a  solid B.

But it lacks the depth and multi-directionality that I found in Feed, and so, having completed all of the nominees now, that’s where my vote would go if I had one.  The originality and social commentary in Feed does one better on all of the other nominees.  I still have to read All Clear by Connie Willis, but I read the first installment in this two parter and was less than impressed.  I may not even pick it up right now.

Novels not nominated for a Hugo, but which have been up for other awards this year include Zoo City (Beukes), The City and The City (China Meiville) and The House of Discarded Dreams (Sedia).  Perhaps they do not fall within the required time span, but deserve a look.

Maybe some Non Fiction reading first, though….


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