And the previous post has application to the situation in Libya.  The situation in the country is what it is, and the more aware the international community and NATO are of this fact, the more positive will be the developments in the country.  As I have said before, Libya is not Egypt or Tunisia.  Each of those countries were ready for a transition.  A significant portion of the populations had formed a connection with more western values and had developed out of a more “red” (Spiral/Integral Dynamics), tribal state into one that was more suitable for effective nation building.  Libya is still largely mired in a tribal mentality, with relatively few having made that transition out of “red”.  The rebellion (now revolution) in Libya was largely a response to the events in other countries, as the spark of rebellion jumps from one country to another.

In spite of criticism from people who feel that the U.S. should have acted faster and more forcefully, the NATO assistance in this situation has been tactfully accomplished.  (It is very odd to see the criticisms of U.S. non-involvement at a time when others in that country were criticising any type of involvement in Libya.  These people have to make up their minds.  Too much or too little!  Which is it?)  NATO took time to train inexperienced troops and put support resources such as intelligence and communication in place.  This allowed the Libyan revolution to be completed by Libyans.  It was a true revolution rather than an invasion, helping to insure that this new found freedom will be more lasting.

This is a completely necessary element in the attempt to deal with Libya in a way that is appropiate to its current stage of political and cultural development.  One would hope that while military training and support was taking place, there was an equal effort to provide political assistance and training to cobble together a secure and cooperative leadership from the diverse elements of Libyan culture.  This is the real challenge.

We cannot expect the result to be a modern, thriving, western democracy as we know it.  Countries and cultures do not change overnight.  If the change in Libya is significantly shifted in a positive direction we should be happily encouraged.  The world will not change overnight and everybody is not chomping at the bit to be like us.


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