Hugo Winner

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Books, Reviews
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So, a few days ago the Hugo Award for Best SciFi Novel went to the Blackout/All Clear duet by Connie Willis.  Figures.  All Clear was the one novel that I didn’t read.  I did read Blackout, though, …over a year ago, so I’m not really sure how it qualifies.

I published a review for Blackout almost a year ago, before this Blog moved to WordPress.  At that time I talked about how I’d slugged my way through the rather lengthy book, only to be disappointed that it stopped right in the middle of the story, to be continued in part two.  It was a real let down, because I ‘d only kept reading the book because I wanted the answers to the mysteries.  I felt really cheated when I finished the final page only to realize that I’d likely have to wade through another 600 pages to truly conclude the story.

Connie Willis clearly has a passion for history, including all sorts of minute details about WW2 that would be appealing to a history buff.  The problem is that it is a SciFi book, not a history book.  The SciFi genre was almost superficial and totally overwhelmed by historical detail.  I guess that appealed to the Hugo voters (as it did the Nebula voters), but it wasn’t engaging for me.  I’m still not sure that I’ll actually give it a read, even though I have a copy.  Too much other stuff that seems far more appealing.

Such as the sequel for Feed, which in my opinion really deserved the award far more.


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