“The Whistleblower”

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Current Events, Movies, Reviews

Larysa Kondracki’s “The Whistleblower” was a hit at last years TIFF, and has finally made it to the regular big screen.  It’s even playing in more than one theatre.

Starring Rachel Weisz and Vanessa Redgrave, this movie depicts the actual events of kidnapping, slavery and human trading in post war Bosnia.  An American police officer (Weisz) joins a peace keeping force in Bosnia only to uncover a corrupt system where UN workers are involved in local girls being sold into sex slavery.  Her attempts to expose the corruption is blocked by international organizations worried about their reputations.

This is a well made film and is difficult to watch in some places because of the emotional intensity.  With the other attention that is currently being given to the issue of human trafficking, this film is a powerful representation of the horror suffered by the victims.  It’s not a happy film.  Be prepared to be moved. I definitely deserves wider distribution, as I believe that even though it is a film about social issues, it is a thrilling story in and of itself.

I give this film a B++.


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