Hypocracy and Contradiction

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Current Events, politics, Religion, Statistics and Lies

I’ve made it clear many times that I don’t have a problem with people having their own religious beliefs and I am not fundamentally opposed to some elements of moderate conservative politics.  What I have a problem with is religious or conservative people trying to bamboozle other people with lies and blatant contradictions.

Take for example The Call: Detroit, a prayer rally to be held on Nov. 11.  Lou Engle and Rick Joyner, the two organizers of the event,  state that

Both have prophesied that America is turningintoNazi Germany and have claimed to know the reasons behind natural disasters, with Joyner calling Hurricane Katrina God’s judgment for homosexuality and Engle asserting that the Joplin, Missouri tornado was God’s punishment for legal abortion. Engle and Joyner, who leads MorningStar Ministries and The Oak Initiative, are also strong proponents of Seven Mountains Dominionism, which posits that fundamentalist Christians should take control over the seven most influential sectors of society: government, family, media, business, education, arts and entertainment, and the church.

So I’m confused.  This is an organization that “wants to take control of … government … business … education…”, that wants to persecute a minority based on sexual orientation, and wants to abolish women’s rights to self determination, all in the name of an ideology that places them above everyone else in their moral righteousness…   And these people are worried that  somebody else is turning America into a Nazi state.

And the fact is that many people will buy it.  Some of them need a validation of their own bigotry.  Some respond to the doomsday like fear created by saying that God caused natural disasters to punish us.  Nobody ever asked if maybe God is punishing “us” because we’re stupid enough to believe religious hacks and con-men like Engle and Joyner.  Not that that would make any more sense, …but it wouldn’t make any less sense.

This kind of blatant manipulation of fear and prejudice is exactly the strategy used by the Nazis in order to secure their power in Germany.  That this religious group would mention Nazis in their statement is the height of irony.


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