Mexican Reality TV

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Current Events, Environment, Integral Studies, Media Gleanings
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So you’d think that a popular Mexican reality TV show would be about drug cartels or taco making or something like that.

“Initiative Mexico” is going into its second successful season.  It is a reality show that spotlights Mexican activists trying to improve their communities or country.  Contestants include people seeking social justice or trying to help the poor with social improvement programs.  Last years winner organized the building of terraces, water dams and replanting to improve an environmentally sensitive Mixtec area of Mexico.  The program attacks its theme with the same competitive drama and flashiness that other reality shows squander on bad singers and contortionist dancers.  Different stories are shown each week, with the pool being whittled down till only one project wins the 2.5 million dollar prize to assist with their cause.  Along the way, it is certain that other projects that don’t make it to the top find support from private sources and benefit in the long run.

What an amazing idea.  This is a reality show that I would actually watch.  It would accomplish many positive things beyond just helping the social projects involved.  It would promote a positive attitude around making the world a better place and provide positive role models for social activism and volunteer service.  It would foster hope and responsibility.

It’s not likely to catch on in the U.S., but might stand a chance in Canada.

In contrast, one American production company has just announced their new reality TV show.  It is called Office Fight and gives contestants the opportunity to beat up co-workers that they dislike.  No lie. 


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