Boring Ontario Election

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Election

Days into the official election campaign and  the most significant election issue still being discussed is the flawed Liberal “Foreign Workers Tax Credit”.  Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Yes it is a question worth discussing, but my feeling is that it was proposed more to stir up political controversy than as real policy.  The Liberals knew that the PCs would bite and that they could then paint them with a xenophobic brush.  And the NDP are true to form, trying to emulate the “higher ground” position that served the federal party so well.  I’m disappointed that it is all smoke and mirrors. Deal with it an move on to other, more important and interesting issues.  Show us some real policies.

This reminds me of the federal election where much of the talk bogged down around the bogus issue of Liberal coalition possibilities.

Looking at the blogs today (yes, even the Canadian ones) most of the buzz was about last night’s Tea Party debate.  Stupid issues and stupid people, but at least they’re talking about something.  There was more to comment on there than has been the case in the entire Ontario election so far.

Hudak and McGinty are both playing their cards very close.  Hudak doesn’t want to do anything that might confirm the Liberal allegations that his party is extreme right wing.  What he should be doing is confronting that accusation head on with the proposal of real policies, -unless of course it is true, in which case he’s best to keep his mouth shut.  McGuinty needs to emphasize the strength of the Ontario economic situation and link it to his decisions while in power, -and maybe offer some tax breaks now that the “crisis” is over.

And the NDP need to stop being commentators.


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