Ontario Election – Yawn

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Current Events, Election, politics

Not to flog the same point over and over, but the Ontario election still looks like a still birth.  Today’s Huffington Post Canada has 5 front page stories on Canadian topics, including one about Mayor Ford, one about federal NDP leadership, but not one mention of the Ontario election.

The PCs are still running the same old “Tax Man” anti McGuinty ad.  Nothing new has been said.  Nothing productive has been discussed.

It has gotten to the point where outside agencies have tried to introduce something into the vacuum.  Today the TADA have tried to bring up the question of doing something about Toronto traffic congestion.  This is actually an issue that I can get enthusiastic about.  I’ve traveled all over North America, having to drive through many American and Canadian cities at or around rush hour and the only jams I ever seem to experience are when I return to my beloved city of Toronto.  Coming back from Tennessee this past summer, it took us hours to get through Toronto because all three 400 series highways (400, 401 and 404) were insanely obstructed by construction.  Trying to head down (or up) the DVP at any time of day, or even late at night, always bears the risk of a major traffic delay.  But I’m just not sure that it’s a provincial government issue.

The gaping silence on the part of all the parties can’t be an accident.  These people have either decided that they need to save their discussion of issues until later in the campaign, or have decided that their best tactic is to say nothing at all, …which speaks volumes all by itself.


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