The Better Way

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Personal Whining
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So what do you do when the Toronto International Film Festival is in its final weekend with thousands of film goers making their way into the city, and on top of that there is a baseball game.  Let’s close the DVP and the TTC Yonge line, the two principal ways of entering the city.  At the same time!!  Genius!!

This is coming at the same time that the city is talking about either discontinuing late night service or putting a surcharge on it.  As I wrote a few days ago, this will result in more people driving into the city.  When I had a TIFF event that happened to end just past midnight, I ended up having to take a bus from Eglington to Finch, adding over half an hour to my travel time.  This means that should a similar situation arise in the future, I now know enough to drive down rather than take the TTC.

People enjoying the night life of the city are in a similar situation.  Assuming that they can get down there in the first place.


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