Another attempt to subvert democracy and divide the Left.

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Election, politics
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Imagine an election result scenario where The Liberals get 30%, the NDP 30% and the PCs 40%, allowing the Conservatives to march into the Ontario Legislature with a minority government (or even a majority, depending on how the seats pan out).  They would waste no time in instituting conservative policies, claiming their right to do so in a democratic society, -even though 60% of the population did not vote right wing.

Well, if you can imagine it, so can Tim Hudak.  A  recent Globe & Mail article stated

Mr. Hudak’s campaign team has been almost openly cheering for Ms. Horwath, hoping for centre-left vote-splitting.”

It’s a situation that worked for the conservatives in the federal election, so why not here in Ontario.  The problem I have is that it is being used as a strategy, which I think ultimately subverts our system of government.  If Hudak is manoevering to make the NDP look better in order to split the vote opposing him, I think that is underhanded and undemocratic.

The solution is simple, but is one that would make the PCs cry out “foul”.  If the Liberals and the NDP together had 60% of the vote to 40% PC, then democratic integrity would call for a coalition government.  Yes, I know that Harper tried to make that a dirty word in the federal election, but in a political system with more than two parties, -especially when one side of the spectrum is divided and the other is not-, coalitions need to be a part of political life.  The alternative is a right wing minority, not known for compromise, to hold power over a central and left wing majority.  That’s not representative government.

And for Hudak to take any action in order to play the system to his advantage in this way is to work towards a non-representative government.


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