The X Factor

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Entertainment

I don’t usually bother writing about such trash, and honestly, since I don’t have any cable reception here, I didn’t watch it last night.  If I did have reception, the last thing I’d be watching is any of the singing/dancing competition shows, and what I’ve heard of last night’s X Factor premiere sums up the reason.  I heard enough about it from other people.

The highlight of the show seemed to be someone dropping their pants while singing off key.  The objectionalbe bits were X’d out. (Could this be where the show gets it’s name?)  The audience reaction was disgusted.  Paula Abdul apparently ran to the washroom to throw up, where there was a conveniently placed camera to capture it.

So is this a talent show or is it wrestling?  I’m reminded of the wrestling shows I watched as a kid, where anyone with half a brain knew that you were watching something that was highly coregraphed and that the dramatic speeches made by the wrestlers were all hype.  At least we knew (or most of us did) that it was all phony.  From what I hear, last night’s X Factor showed the world how in-genuine these competition shows actually are.  The competitions are contrived, the personalities calculated and in some cases, like the recent Britain shows with the young boy singer and on the dancing show with Brittany Palin, the competition seems fixed.  How can anyone take this seriously, …like wrestling.  Tiny Talent Time had more authenticity.  The Gong Show at least was up front about its ridiculous nature.

These shows are invading the TV schedule, and they are contrived shows meant to manipulate public viewing habits so that they are satisfied with brain rotting mediocrity.  Is it starting to backfire?  I don’t think so, as the comment strings on the show’s reviews seemed to be about 3 to 1 in support of the the show

The Emmy Awards several nights ago offered one award category for these shows.  In my opinion that’s one too many.


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