Prov. Liberals have twice as much work to do.

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Current Events, Election, politics

If you are campaigning as a right wing PC candidate, you really have only one target that you have to worry about.  Your ideologies are pretty distinct from those of you opponents with firm dividing line.  Both the Liberals and the NDP are to one degree or another, an antithesis of conservative ideology.  The only concern you might have is to cater to your social conservatives without alienating the more central conservatives.

The NDP has the opposite task.  They know that there are very few voters who are looking at a personal delema of voting for either the PC or the NDP.  You’d have to personally hate McGuinty and be ideologically numb in order to put yourself in that position.  Hence, the NDP are also fighting a battle on only one front.

But the Liberals have it rough.  They have to fight the PC and their right wing ideology, while at the same time battling the more extreme left wing ideas of the NDP.  It is much more difficult to maintain a balancing act between two extremes.  You’re trying to attract centrist voters, soft conservatives who might be suspicious of the extreme right, while at the same time trying to attract as many left wing supporters as possible.  You are in a position where you have to attack right wing policies without alienating the centre, but you also have to criticize the extreme left without compromising your own left wing policies.  -All this in a situation where your left wing majority of voters is already split between three parties while the right wing is united.

I would guess that the best way to do this would be to say as little as possible, which is exactly what the Liberals (and the other parties) seem to be doing in this election.  In this week’s Macleans magazine there is not one provincial election story.  If you Google “provincial election news” you end up with a very thin string of hits, mostly talking about predictions relating to tonight’s debate.

So the debate tonight becomes a very important event, particularly because it is going to force the leaders to actually have to say something.


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