The X Factor, ’nuff said

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Entertainment

A few posts ago I compared the X Factor to Wrestling in it’s cheaply contrived production.  John Doyle, a writer for the Globe & Mail came up with some interesting information.

…The first episode the other night climaxed with the “discovery” of Stacy Francis, an African-American, 42-year-old single mother of two with a spectacular voice. She explained that a guy she was involved with told her she didn’t have talent and pushed her around. Part of her story is no doubt true, but the suggestion that Francis is an unknown, a mere aspirant to singing stardom in her 40s, is nonsense. A reader here in Toronna, a performer in musical theatre, wrote to let me know that she watched the staging of the Stacy Francis segment with some astonishment. The reader pointed out that Francis is a veteran of Broadway musicals and originated the role of Rusty in the first production of Footloose, in 1998, to considerable acclaim. Francis also starred in Broadway productions of Street Corner Symphony and Smokey Joe’s Cafe. It took 30 seconds on Google to verify this. The X Factor feels like a con as well as a crock.

I second that.


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