The Statistical Lies of Cuts and Spending

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Election, Media Gleanings, politics, Statistics and Lies

This is from the Treasury Department, not some partisan, bias source.  But it is far from straight forward.  At first look, the stats look fairly clear; the Republican party, supporters of cuts and fiscal restraint, seem to have the worst record when you look at the facts.  A lot of that comes from military spending because of foreign wars of intervention.

But be clear on what the stats are showing.  They represent the percentage increase on the existing debt. Also to be remembered is that the Obama stats are based on two years, while the others are based on anywhere from 4 to 8.  However, also for the Obama stats, keep in mind that a big part of that is the bailout package which was instituted by the Bush administration and in response to a Republican policy of non-regulation of banks and financial institutions.

Statistics are not straight forward, but in this case I do believe that you can at least roughly infer a pattern that somewhat belies the claims and protests made by the current Republican candidates.  They’re just more interested in spending on the military and protecting millionaires rather than spending on social services, education and medical assistance.  None of this is a surprise.

It would be interesting to plot a similar graph for debt spending in Canadian politics.  I’ll look around to see what I can find.  The basic policies and ideologies are the same, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find similarities.  On the other hand, Canada hasn’t gotten involved in foreign wars.  …Oh … wait a minute.  Hasn’t the current Conservative government gotten us involved in not one but two foreign conflicts?


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