Philosophical Auto-Biography

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Personal Whining

You may notice a new page tab at the top of this Blog.  It is my “Philosophical Auto-Biography”, which I’ve been working through for the past half dozen months or so.  It’s finally taking shape, with about six chapters currently written, the first two of which are now posted in this Blog.

Why read it?  It’s pretty long, although I don’t think unnecessarily so.  I guess that since I thought it was worth writing, at least someone will think that it is worth reading.  I have lots of friends who are staunch rationalists, who don’t understand how someone who once had such objective rational standards (and still does, in most cases) can also entertain many of the other concepts which they throw into the “New Age” trash basket.  They must wonder why I often argue against pure rationalism and pure atheism, claiming that they are as fundamentalist as the most rigid Christians.

Hopefully, by walking along this path with me, the journey may shed some light on this.  Evolution, after all, is what it’s all about.  This is my evolution.

Comments and debate, as always, are welcome!


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