Sex Education

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Current Events, Election, politics
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How do you stir up your extreme right supporters just days before an election.  Well, if you’re Hudak, you play the sex card, knowing that your prudish, sexually up tight right wing supporters will get excited.  You call into question sex education curriculum, claiming that it is not appropriate in the 1st grade and that it encourages students to “have their own Gay Pride Parades”.  Let’s not forget to play the Gay card, too.  Let’s be sure that we try to mobilize negative sentiments against a Gay lifestyle or sexual orientation at a time when most people who are even slightly enlightened are concerned about the rash of suicides and victimization of Gay youth.

First of all, if Mr. Hudak really cared, he’d check and realize that Primary Sex Education is very much integrated into the science curriculum and is extremely sensitive to the limited awareness and understanding of the primary child.  Of course “science curriculum” is another issue all together.  Will be be seeing conservative pronouncements on the content of science curriculum in a PC government?

Secondly, come on!  Gay Pride Parades in the schools.  My guess is that this is perhaps a minor side bar point in some obscure document that nobody pays any attention to anyways.  I’ve never heard of such a thing, and I have several acquaintances involved in Secondary level equal rights committees, so if there was any inkling of this I would likely have heard.  Besides, adding a little character development to the curriculum so that some socially retarded students don’t badger other students to the point of suicide might not be such a bad idea.  Hudak stated that in Grade 1 they should be focused on reading and writing.  Let’s be careful not to give them any manners or social conscience.

This is Hudak grasping at straws in such a way as to cast innuendo on his opponents in the final campaign hours.   My guess is that we’ll see at least one more similar piece of sleaze on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It’s a low blow designed to appeal to the most reactionary elements of his supporters, firing them up and mobilizeing them to vote on Thursday in order to cast out the heathens.

Normally I’m not this sarcastic.  But normally I’m not responding to a campaign tactic that is so transparent and distasteful.


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