Election Results Map

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Current Events, Election, Integral Studies, politics
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Many people may not be surprised by this, but I am and I find it fascinating.  Open this Election Result Map in a new window so you can click back and forth.  The pattern is unmistakable.  In all urban centres the Liberals took the seats while in all rural centres it was taken by the PCs.  The dominance of the NDP in the north is also striking.  Whether it be Thunder Bay, or Toronto or Windsor or London or Kingston, …all of the cities supported the Liberals.  Does an urban mentality tend to be more liberal and a rural one more conservative?  Is it because of work ethic or intelligence or education level?

An Integral approach to politics would claim that the conservative vote would come from the part of the population which is more red, amber and lower orange.  The Liberal vote should come from higher orange and lower green.  The NDP would be primarily green.  The second tier voters would vote strategically.  It makes sense that the higher orange and green voters would be those with higher education and professional jobs.  Rural farmers and small business owners would tend to have a lower average education and would also tend to have maintained traditional family values and work ethic.  Small town religious values would be more liekly to be passed on through generations.

Thad doesn’t explain some of the rural 905  conservative ridings, except that large parts of Durham, for example, are very rural despite the proximity to Toronto.

It is also very possible that Mayor Ford was a liability to the PCs, who wanted to make some headway in the city.  Ford’s recent crash in popularity undoubtedly cost the PCs dearly.  Citizens watching Ford got a good look at what a PC government might look like, and they didn’t like it.


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