Almost two thirds of the population didn’t vote Liberal!

Posted: October 17, 2011 in politics

Last Friday after the first PC caucus meeting in Toronto, Tim Hudak made two bold statements.  The first was that his PC party was a “government in waiting”.  Well, that’s certainly true; they’ll have to wait a while longer before the population of Ontario gives them another opportunity, -and probably they’ll have to wait until they get a new party leader who doesn’t come across as in-genuine.

The second thing that he said was that it was his job to remind McGinty that almost two thirds of Ontarians didn’t vote for him.  This is the kind of foot in mouth statement that kept the voters from warming up to him during the election.  While it may be true that almost two thirds of voters did not vote for McGinty, it is also very true that over two thirds of voters did not vote for Hudak.  Moreover,  the two thirds that didn’t vote for Hudak voted strongly against him, rejecting his right wing ideology, preferring something more to the left.  In McGinty’s case, at least he’s sitting in the middle of the field, while Hudak is off in one corner.  It’s not a small corner, but it certainly has a lot less potential for growth than does the Liberal’s situation.

The strange thing is that Hudak would even draw attention to this by making his stupid statement.  It must be hard running a caucus with one foot in your mouth.


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