A Couple of Films About Social Conservatism

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Entertainment, Reviews
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I finally got around to seeing “The Help” before it faded altogether from local cinemas.  It takes place in Mississippi during the early to mid 60’s and does an excellent job of revealing what passed for social graces during this period.  It tells the story of the black maids and nannies who loved and raised the white babies, but at the same time were refused permission to use the indoor toilets.  It is a record of an arrogant cultural bigotry, depicting the attitudes and hypocritical bigotry of the whites and the shallow morals of the time regarding both racial and gender equality.  While the situation may have mellowed significantly, this is still the root of southern social conservatism and, as such, is very telling about the present.

“The Help” is a powerful, well made movie with a deeply human story.  I give this movie an A-.

Interestingly, a couple of days ago I saw a strange movie called “Fido”, which tackles the same themes in the same time period, but in a completely different way.  “Fido” also takes place in the early 60’s in a fictional reality where a zombie virus has swept the earth, reanimating the dead.  However a scientist develops a collar which can pacify the zombies and turn them into slaves or pets.  By showing the way that people treat these tamed zombies, the film makes a satirical commentary on prejudices against race or sexual orientation.  It is social commentary with a bizarre humorous twist, and it does succeed quite well as a comedy.  This is not your usual zombie movie.  I would give this one a B+.


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