Deer Ear Soup

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Current Events

There’s a new culinary craze sweeping the finer restaurants in Canada.  It is called Deer Ear Soup and it is reported to be a delicacy growing in popularity because of it’s unique flavour and its reported side effects as an aphrodisiac (i.e. it enhances sexual pleasure). There have been reports of hunters carving off the ears from their Fall kills and selling them for more than $500 a Kilo.   Some enterprising deer ear collectors have realized that they can score some deer ears without having to kill the deer, thereby getting around hunting regulations and quotas.  They net the deer, cut off the ears and release them.  As a result there have been many sightings of deers without ears in Ontario, especially around Minden and Haliburton.  One deer ear collector said that without the ears the deer are defenseless and will become easy prey, so the deer will not have to endure its wound very long before it is killed by a natural predator.  This makes the practice very humane, the collector claims.

Deer Ear Soup apparently goes for about $30 a bowl.  The ears are actually cut up and stewed and has a venison like taste once you get beyond the hair in your bowl.  The broth is what is mainly consumed, as ears are mostly cartilage.  A few fine eateries in Toronto have caught on to the fad and are making huge profits off this new dish.  Asked about earless deer walking around, restaurant owners said that it was a small price to pay for their increased profits and that the deer didn’t suffer for very long until they were killed by wolves or something.

One local school has started a “Save The Deer’s Ears” campaign, claiming that it is cruel treatment of the deer and that Dear Ear Soup should be banned from restaurants.  Then the deer would be safer.


Do you find this a little unsavory?  Well, rest assured that it is a fiction.  But it is not far afield from what is going on with shark fins.  Sharks are captured in the ocean waters, their fins mercilessly hacked off them, and then they are thrown back in the water still alive to suffer whatever fate befalls them.  The popularity of shark fin soup has led to a serious decimation of the shark population to the point that it is endangering the species.  Aside from being cruel and barbaric it is also a threat to our ecosystem as sharks are an integral part of the balance of life in the oceans.

Because we’re dealing with sharks rather than cute deer, the public is less sensitive to the slaughter.  Restaurants can claim that it’s good for business and not be seen as monsters.  I’m sure that if it were Deer Ear Soup, the public outcry would be swift and strong.


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