Rob Ford calls 911

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Current Events, politics
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I suppose that we all are more likely to show our true stripes when caught off guard or under pressure.  I suppose that being cornered by a pushy, strangely dressed woman, trying to get into your car in the driveway of your home could effectively unnerve you a little.

It seems this was the case when Mary Walsh approached Ford dressed up as her CBC comedy persona from “This Hour…”  Maybe Ford thought it was Margret Atwood wanting to talk to him about some literary topic and that’s why he panicked.  Whatever the reason, Ford dialed 911 to ask for police assistance.  When it didn’t arrive promptly, he called a second time, calling the dispatcher a bitch and asking her if she didn’t realize that she was f#@*ing talking to the f#$@ing mayor of Toronto!!  Appearently recodings of the conversation are currently making the rounds and it is only a matter of time before we get to hear, first hand, Toronto’s mayor under pressure.

I’m sure that by the time the second call was made that Ford must have realized that there was no real threat.  Even if he’s never seen the CBC satire, the microphone and the camera must have clued him into the fact that he was in no physical danger.  And yet he felt obliged to insult the 911 dispatcher.

In doing this, Rob Ford has added to the character profile that is quickly building in the minds of Torontonians.  His small minded, bigoted, redneck attitude was demonstrated in his blatant snubbing of the Gay Pride Parade.  His lack of intelligence and possible illiteracy was demonstrated in his attempt to cut libraries and his apparent lack of familiarity with one of Canada’s leading literary icons.  In this most recent demonstration of neanderthal mentality, he has shown himself to be foul mouthed, quick tempered oaf with no sense of humour.  …And there are countless other examples.

Would you allow this man to babysit your children?  Would you buy a used car from this man?  Would you invite him for dinner?

Even Don Cherry has the decency to apologize when he puts his foot in his mouth.  My guess is that Rob Ford will not, …or if he does it will be at the insistence of his handlers.  It is kind of sad that Toronto has a mayor who falls below Don Cherry in social sophistication and culture.  Rob Ford is an embarrassment to the great city of Toronto.  If he represents the wishes of the voters of Etobicoke, then perhaps this is the best possible argument for the reversal of the amalgamation of the city.

UPDATE:  It seems that in a later Toronto Star report, Ford claimed that he was upset because his young daughter was with him and was crying.  No other person present at the incident corroborates that fact that the child was present, “…unless,” one said, “he was hiding her under his coat.”  What kind of man lies about his child to try to dodge his responsibility?

ALSO:  Love the “Eight reasons why Ford may have called 911” from G&M.  (Bottom half of an otherwise rambling article.)


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